We supply various goods and services for the business, institutional and industrial

For the last 10 years AVA Supply Services has developed into a supplier of various goods and services for the business, institutional and industrial market. We supply catering companies, canteens, associations, institutions, operating companies and multinationals with a full range of products.


AVA Supply Service is a supplier of goods and services and originates from Bea's Kippencentrum and Supermarket (BKS). This company is a family owned business that started as a poultry shop with their own chicken farm and slaughter facilities and having over more than 37 years of experience in the poultry business in Suriname. As a response to market developments and demands, we have expanded our business over the years with a grocery store and butchery.


AVA is a customer-oriented company and our daily mission is to do our utmost to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. This we want to achieve by offering a wide range of top brands and quality products and by focusing on our services. Therefore, AVA continuously works on the improvement of its services. We see it as our duty to guarantee the growth and continuity of our company for the benefit of the customer.

Vision Statement

AVA offers like no other good customer service and wants to be the total supplier of your company.

Our Values

AVA is a customer-oriented company where commitment, good service, customer satisfaction, flexibility, quality and reliability are highly set values. We continuously improve our processes, products and services.


Our principles

AVA stands out from the rest by focusing on providing excellent service. In order to do this, we work in accordance with the following principles:

  • We provide a wide range of products which are highly focused on the needs of our customers.
  • If a product is out of stock or is not listed in our catalog, we make it our business to get the desired product in store.
  • When a product is not delivered to the customers liking, we deliver a replacement product or give a refund.
  • The shelf life of products is important to you as a customer. Therefore, we also keep records of the expiry dates of products in our stock administration.
  • Furthermore, we are known for a fast and accurate delivery. When customers have an urgent order, we act immediately. Our aim is to get orders through within one business day.

Products and Services

As a company we are constantly working towards simplifying the purchasing process of our customers resulting in less time spending on purchases by the customer. We are specialized in the following products and services:

Meat and meat products
Fish and Shrimp
Fruit and Vegetables

AVA also thinks along with customers concerning the most efficient and beneficial composition of their order. And we only work with trusted suppliers who meet the requirements set by us and who stick to delivering high quality goods.

Blue Wave Badge

Completed the Blue Wave Program consistent of performing the baseline self-assessments versus the international standards organized in seven pillars: HSSE (Health, Safety, Security, Environmental), Cyber Security, Quality, Corporate Policies, Financials, Technical Capabilities, and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance). Attended the development workshops and performed the second self-assessments for all the pillars reaching a compliance factor and documentation upload of 100%. Read more


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